Overview DIGI Tuningboxen

Overview DIGI Tuningboxen

Product no.: Intro DIGI Tuningboxen
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DIGI tuningboxes can be used in nearly all diesel engines in passenger cars, trucks, mobil homes and tractors. Now we support also modern petrol engines with direct injection system and turbo charger. DIGI tuningboxes offers high quality and are complied with the requirement of the German and international traffic laws. All devices are accredited by the German Division of Motor Vehicles, have e1 approval and are also compatible with Euro 5 engines. The availaibility of the certificate can be checked in our car database or just by email request. The main product features are:

  • Maximum power throughout the entire engine speed range, less fuel consumption, 
  • Fully digital with built in fast microprocessor 
  • Multi channel technology available for many cars to gain maximum power 
  • Ready to go adjustment 
  • 2 years product warranty 
  • German TÜV-certification for many cars available  
  • Car warranty on request
  • Please choose one category if you know the product configuration

    or use our

    to choose the product by technical data of your car or engine (brand name, model, ccm, KW or hp).



    Additional product information

    additional power 20%-25%
    additional torque 20%-25%
    consumption reduction Yes
    digital technology all products
    chanels CR: 1-3 , PD: 3-6, VP37: 2, VP44: 2, PE: 1-3
    adjustable power Yes
    adjustable by digital rotary switch
    adjustment possibilities CR: 16 , PD: 16, VP37: 16, VP44: 16, PE: 16
    selectable maps CR: 15, PD: 15, VP37: 15, VP44: 15, PE: 15
    material enclosure plastic
    usable for different engine types Yes
    car specific instruction yes
    plug&drive adapter yes, exeption DIGI VP37 uni, DIGI VP44
    soldering necessary no, exeption DIGI VP37 , VP44
    separate power supply necessary no, exception DIGI PD, DIGI VP44, DIGI VP37
    USB connector for Firmware Update No
    installation effort 30-60 min
    remote control available no
    TÜV certificate for common cars available Yes

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